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Portrait Photography

As for portrait photography, we do senior photos, portraits and head shots, family and christmas photos and boudoir on request.

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In the galleries below we have some samples of our work, with a few senior photo sessions at the beginning and as you scroll on down you’ll find some samples of our portrait work and following that some samples of our Christmas work, which we really love doing.

Senior Photos

We believe a senior’s photos should capture his or her personality and everyone’s is different. Whether you’re into guitars, cars, stars, dogs, books or anything else, we’ll be more than happy to incorporate whatever you’re into into your senior photos. So bring Bowser or your guitar or both along when you get your photos done.

Courtney Square Small

We put a lot of effort into our senior photos and we go out of our way to make you comfortable, so if you’d like to bring your boy or girlfriend along with you during your senior photo shoot, feel free and we’ll be happy to take some shots of the two of you together.

Austin Square Small

Sometimes Seniors know the kind of photos they want and that’s good. Sometimes they don’t and that’s okay too, because we find if we get to know them, and that’s easy for us, because we’re people persons, they’ll take direction pretty easily.

Christmas Photos

Christmastime is a perfect time for a portrait session and we love to do them. Every year we make family Christmas portraits for half of our normal portrait price. So, if you’ve been wanting some photos of you and your family and especially of your wee ones, Christmas is a great time to do them.

Aspen Christmas Square

Portraits and Family Photos

There are a lot of reasons for getting family portraits done, but in reality, you don’t really need a reason. You can get them done for no reason at all, just because you can. We think so anyway. Anytime is a good time to get your family in front of a camera.

JiWan 208

However, if you need a reason, or two, here are a few.

Your family will never be the way they are today. The children will grow every year. Heck, every month. You might change your hair or ruin your favorite blouse or jeans next week. Your family will change and you can’t stop them, but you can have them photographed, so you can remember them forever, the way they are now.

Your sister and brother-in-law are in town for a week or so and you’d love your portrait made with them. Or your grandmother. Or your best friend from college.

You haven’t seen your sister or your grandmother, who live half a country away, in years and you’d like to send them photos that weren’t taken with an iPhone and posted on Facebook.

Super Heroes in the Park

The weather is gorgeous and you know a lovely park with a blue lake or green trees or trees with changing leaves, like in the above photo, that would make your family really shine in a photograph. And if you don’t know of such a place, never fear, we do.

Bowser is getting up in years and you’d like him photographed with your family, so you can remember him always. Or maybe Bowser is a puppy and you’d like photos of him and your children together.

Lainfair 270

Or you could have your family portrait done, just because you want to. We think so anyway.

Tom Looking Like Dylan

Any Other Kind of Photography

 We love portrait photography, however we'll do just about anything you can do with a camera. If you want your child’s birth or your open heart surgery documented, we’ll do it. We’re comfortable with all religions, so if you want your child’s Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah photographed, we’ll come to your place of worship with the utmost respect.

We work hard and we genuinely like people. That’s our formula for success, liking people and working hard. We’ll work hard for you, doing our best to give you memories you’ll cherish forever. So if you need a photographer for any of the above or for anything else, please give us a call at 775 393-9529.

Thank you for considering us,

Ken and Vesta

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